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Sleep Specialists
Tiit Rebane, MD
Jüri Kaik, PhD
first visit including examination, tests, diagnostics and advice on treatment80 €1 hr
first visit for pensioners60 €1 hr
further visits, counselling and advice on treatment60 €1 hour
Sleep diagnosticsextensive polysomnographic study (with EEG and video monitoring)
(MedCare Rembrandt® and Embla Inc. Embla® diagnostic units)
585 €10 hours
Sleep diagnosticswithout EEG, breathing polygraphy with heartbeat and pulse oximetry
(MedCare Embletta® diagnostic unit)
350 €10 hours
Sleep diagnosticstesting breathing disorders (ResMed ApneaLink® diagnostic device)100 €10 hours
MSLT–testMultiple Sleep Latency Test 
(MedCare Rembrandt® or Embla Inc. Embla® diagnostic devices)
315 €8 hours
CPAP treatment testingCPAP treatment testing at home (ResMed S8 AutoSet SpiritTM II EPR diagnostic device)80 €2 week
CPAP data analysisData printout and analysis from the CPAP device15 €15 minutes
Last modified: 01 Jan 2015